Club History

The Devon and Somerset Gliding Club (DSGC) was inspired by a group of friends who met in 1952 and flew for the first time from Dunkeswell aerodrome in 1957.  August 11th was our official opening day and in between heavy rain squalls most of the founder members had their first flights in the T-31.

Find out more about the DSGC history by reading the extracts from the BGA's Sailplane and Gliding (S&G) and early recollections from a past President.

Early history -1

Recollections by Norman Whyte, President DSGC 1957 - 1974

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Club news 2020s

Extracts from S&G February 2020 to date

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Club news 1990s

Extracts from S&G February 1990 to December 1999
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Club news 1960s

Extracts from S&G February 1960 to December 1969

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Early history -2

Recollections by Arthur Hobkirk, Founder member,

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Club news 2010s

Extracts from S&G February 2010 to 2019

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Club news 1980s

Extracts from S&G February 2000 to December 2010

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Club news 1950s

Extracts from S&G December 1957 to December 1959

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Club focus

Extract from S&G October to November 2007

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Club news 2000s

Extracts from S&G February 2000 to December 2009

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Club news 1970s

Extracts from S&G February 1970 to December 1979

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