Instructor Team

The instructor team are dedicated to helping the members get the most out of gliding, they are unpaid and do it for the reward in seeing others progress.

Chief Flying Instructor (CFI)

Mark Courtney -...


Deputy CFIs

James Flory
Mike Sloggett


Full Cat Instructors

Chris Wool - Fl...
Ian Mitchell
Martin Woolner ...
Peter Field
Peter Warren
Pete Harmer
Ron Johns
Simon Leeson - ...
Simon Minson - ...
Stuart Procter ...
John Burrow


Assistant Cat Instructors

Glenn Turpin
Guy Adams
John Pursey
Peter Smith
Phil Morrison
Steve Westlake


Basic Instructors (BI)

Paul Summers
Tom Sides
James Smart
Dave Perriam
Simon Jordy


Introductory Flight Pilots (IFP)

Chris Warnes
Robert Lee
Dan Hender