Summer courses

Summer Course August 2018

Summer training courses are offered to members and visitors alike and run from April - September. Courses are a really great way to learn how to fly gliders.

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Each course runs for five days and we only accept six students.  There are normally two instructors and three qualified helpers assigned to each course and this ensures that each student receives personal attention.  Students will receive their flights in groups of 3-4 launches at a time which helps with the continuity of training.  When not flying, students are expected to help with all of the other activities required to help launch other members on the course.  Students will receive tuition in launch point operations, retrieving launch cables and theory briefings.  If the weather makes flying impossible then instructors will run lectures on all aspects of gliding.  Our instructors will aim to assess your abilities and previous experience (if any) and create a course week tailored to suit each individual.

Each day starts at 8.30am when all of the gliders and equipment are taken out of the hangars and workshops and prepared for the day's flying.  The end of the flying day is variable but as a guide will normally be about 5.00pm.  A break is normally taken at about 1.00pm for lunch when hot and cold food and drinks are available in the clubhouse.

On the Thursday evening of each course week, the whole team usually get together for a course meal, and it is generally accepted that speeches are made and awards are presented for outstanding they good, bad or ridiculous!


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There are some restrictions on pilot height and weight. Young people under the age of 18 will require a parent or guardian's written consent.  Also there are a few medical conditions which may make it unsafe to fly.

Our aim is to provide you with a week of training not just to become a glider pilot, but in all aspects of what being a member of a gliding club entails, one thing is for sure, we will make sure you have an enjoyable and rewarding week!


Bookings for Courses in 2024 are open

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