Course appraisal

Wow, how can I explain this last week's amazing experience ...........?

As the date for our course approached, weather forecasts were watched more and more closely but as it drew nearer, forecast uncertainty increased. Many of you will know now that the weather was incredible, providing a mix of conditions that couldn't have been better to challenge us.
Six would be pilots attended with skills ranging from ab initio to lapsed competition pilot. Robin and Stuart began our training in very light winds with little thermal activity. We were able to develop our basic skills by the end of Day 1 with growing initial confidence. Tuesday arrived accompanied by strong North Easterlies of blue flag level. These conditions knocked our confidence, especially with the lightweight K13. We were reassured by the instructors that this experience of frequent short flights had developed our skills and prepared us for Day 3.
True to their words, Wednesday's weather returned to more reasonable conditions and we celebrated Max's solo and Ray's one hour flight towards his bronze. But then came Thursday....... since described as the best North Hill gliding day this year.
We recorded a five hour flight for Ray and over 10 hours soaring for the rest of the trainees! Sadly, Friday arrived and the end of our course. Our total flights for the week amounted to 135 and our total flight time to over 37 hours. Everyone had developed their skills significantly and our two youngest members at ab initio were very near to first solos, whilst my brother and I made significant steps forward. Our star players, Ray and Max, bought the drinks at the Keepers to celebrate their excellent achievements.
Everyone on the course will wish to join me in thanking Robin and Stuart for their superb instruction and, particularly, for arranging the weather. Our thanks also go to Wendy for her support and guidance, Eddie, Alan, Dave who were volunteer helpers, Richard and Nick on holiday at the site who pitched in.

Without this great support, which was really appreciated, we would not have been able to reach such dizzy heights and enjoy our wonderful week of flying. - Rob R.