Club facilities

The Devon and Somerset Gliding Club (DSGC) operates a modern fleet of gliders and offers launches by winch or aerotow.

Skylaunch Winch       
 skylaunch 2022   The large proportion of club launches are by winch.  We operate a Skylaunch 8.2 litre V8 engine powered by LPG, twin drum winch with polypropylene rope. Winches typically provide launches to 1200-1500ft above the airfield.
 pawnee small  

 We are currently operating with two Towplanes our old faithful Pawnee and the new Eurofox.


The  tow plane provides aerotow launches when pilots want to be launched higher than the winch can achieve, or go further from the airfield to reach different conditions. Aerotows are often used for a trial lesson as it provides a gentle introduction to gliding.

 eurofox half    
 Clubhouse & North Hill Cafe    
 clubhouse patio 2023   Our Clubhouse has a large clubroom / restaurant and briefing room. Catering facilities are normally available on flying days from mid-morning to mid-afternoon with extensions by special arrangement.

There is a wide selection of hot & cold meals available on the menu along with daily specials and of course a constant supply of tea, coffee or a selection of cold drinks.  The Club offers water refilling facilities, supporting Refill Devon.

The briefing room is fully-equipped to enable lectures,  ground school, cross-country and competition briefings. Access to met forecasts and NOTAMs is available.

The club has no overnight accommodation, but space is available for touring caravans and tents by prior arrangement. There are several local B&Bs available

Glider Hangar    
 hangar small   The Club glider fleet is housed in a purpose-built hangar built in 2000, financed by Sport England Lottery Fund. The tug has its own hangar and ground equipment is stored in the original glider hangar. There are workshop facilities for both gliders and ground equipment.
Glider Workshop    
 glider workshop small   The glider workshop is used for maintenance of both club and private gliders.
Launch Control    
 launchcontrol 2023   In April 2021, a purpose-built Launch Control, designed and built by Members became operational replacing the previously converted LPV. It provides telephone to winch, radio communication, flight-logging and briefing space.
Ground Equipment    
 ground vehicles2022   Several four-wheel drive vehicles and electric buggies are available for glider retrieving on the airfield and winch cable pullout.
 simulator2023   With the help of a Sport England Lottery grant in 2014, Club members have built a simulator based on the cockpit of a Ka2b, in a purpose built room in the ground hangar. There is a large curved front screen and three projectors running Condor software. The Simulator has been upgraded with in-house software with easy-select scenarios, and recently with trim, wheelbrake and force-feedback on the control stick. It is now being integrated into the training regime.