Cross-country tasks from North Hill

A number of tasks have been created for pilots flying from North Hill, using the BGA National ladder visualisation.

Small tasks for local soaring

A local small task can be really helpful for the less experienced solo pilot to fine-tune skills for flying cross-country, identifying tracks  and clouds / thermals, monitoring height usage, practicing final glides,  whilst staying within gliding range of the airfield.

These small tasks have been designed for this purpose, they can be attempted in either direction, make sure you discuss your intentions with an Instructor before you fly.

NHL-HHL-CUL-CLS-NHL North Hill Hembury Hill Cullompton Culmstock North Hill 29.6km
NHL-TIE-WEG-CLS-NHL North Hill Tiverton East Wellington Culmstock North Hill 35.8km
NHL-CUL-WEG-CLS-NHL North Hill Cullompton Wellington Culmstock North Hill 40.5km
NHL-TIV-WEG-CLS-NHL North Hill Tiverton Wellington Culmstock North Hill 51.9km
NHL-TIV-TAU-CLS-NHL North Hill Tiverton Taunton Culmstock North Hill 75.4km



National Ladder DSGC tasks

These tasks have been set on the BGA National Ladder, and can be scored as declared

Club 100 NH2-KNO-NTA-NH2 North Hill North Knowstone N Tawton North Hill North 100.7km
100k (non-FAI) NH2-TIV-CRK-NH2 North Hill North Tiverton Crewkerne North Hill North 102.1 km
200k FAI NHL-BLD-PRK-CUL-NHL North Hill Blandford - The Park Cullompton North Hill 203.7km
200k (non-FAI) NHL-SAL-NHL North Hill Salisbury Cathedral North Hill   212.0km
300k FAI NHL-OKE-SAL-NHL North Hill Okehampton Salisbury Cathedral North Hill 312.9 km
300k non FAI NHL-MEM-CBN-NHL North Hill Membury Chilbolton North Hill 309.6km