Press Release - 24 Aug 2012

Gliding is fun at any age

It's been a very good week for members of Devon and Somerset Gliding Club (DSGC), illustrating the appeal of gliding to young and old alike.

The club's Junior members lead the way, with two achieving part of their Internationally recognised "Silver" Gliding badges.

On Monday, Liam (17 years) flew in a DSGC club glider soaring across the countryside for 78 kms and landed safely in a stubble field near Mere, Wiltshire - just what his training had prepared him for. This qualified for his Silver Distance flight of more than 50kms.

Liam's field near Mere

On Wednesday, Dylan (17 years) soared locally around the Blackdown Hills  in the family-owned glider for a flight lasting  more than 5 hours. This qualified for his Silver Duration flight.

 Dylan in W7

DSGC  actively encourages young people to take up the sport of gliding by providing discounted membership rates. There are also a number of national organisations who assist our young pilots by providing bursaries and scholarships.

Meanwhile at the other end of the age spectrum, Chris, a retired RAF pilot with many hours of fast jet flying experience flew solo in a glider for the first time in more than 40 years.

 Chris (right) resolos in a glider

Chris was one of  six people attending a DSGC Summer course which enjoyed some of the best soaring weather of the season. 

Pete Harmer,  Chief Flying Instructor  says  “ Summer courses offer an excellent way for glider pilots to progress quickly to meet their own personal objectives, as they provide a concentrated flying environment. We usually run a number of five-day courses throughout the summer for both members and non-members. Bookings for courses in 2013 will be available in the New Year."

For those who can't wait until next summer, we offer trial lessons so that people can experience the thrill of silent flight. Trial lessons can be booked on any club flying day Wednesday, Thursday, Weekends.

Devon and Somerset Gliding Club is a British Gliding Association accredited Junior Gliding Centre.

For contact details and  more information  on flying with the  Devon and Somerset Gliding Club, and about Junior Gliding  please visit our website